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About Us

It All Started in New York

The Halcrow family hails from the north shore of Long Island where quality bagels are a ubiquitous breakfast food. They took having widely available bagels for granted, and in their new home of Atlanta found bagel quality and availability to be lacking.

To See if it Could be Done

On a whim and to prove that a great bagel could be made outside Suffolk County, Mama Halcrow set out on a quest to make them herself. Two years and thousands of pounds of flour later, Deanna and daughter Jackie perfected the recipe, and now produce their version of a NY-style bagel - right here in the heart of Atlanta!

Our Passion and Craft

Bagel making is a lost art that has gone the way of bagel rolling machines, dough conditioners, and steam ovens. At Emerald City Bagels we believe in the art of bagel making and the result is evident in the flavor, shape and texture. Our bagels are conceived over 48 hours before they even make it to the kettle for the traditional boil. They begin with a simple mixture of flour, water & yeast, called a poolish. Then, several hours later we add in more flour, water & yeast, along with other traditional ingredients to make the dough that gets hand-rolled into the bagel shape. After all that mixing & rolling, the bagels take a rest in cold storage for about 24 hours before they are boiled, topped and baked to perfection!

We hope that you will
enjoy them as much as we do!